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Chha kdav Mrasprov (NEW!)
gebakken kip of varken met holy basilicum (Mrasprov), jonge mais en rode paprika.

New arrival, nieuw aankomt


Shirataki Noodles, Konnyaku, Konjac Knots

Available now at HOME Oriental

Shirataki Noodles, Konnyaku, Konjac Knots

Konjac knot/shirataki noodle is a kind of health food with zero fat and high fiber which is a good and healthy food for diet people. So it is known by more people and becomes popular, not only in wet condition, konjac knot also can be made as dried like snacks. 

It absorb the flavor of whatever you add them to, so don't be shy with the sauce. These weight-loss noodles leave you feeling full and satisfied all-day long. Konjac knot contain little carbs or calories, and are rich with dietary fiber. 
Advantage: No additives; No preserve; High fiber; Low calories; Low fat 
Application for konjac knots: Chinese & western dishes and also Japanese dishes, could be cooked easily, like hot pot, fried, boiled, stunned, beef salad and others.

Thai recept with thai puffball mushroom (buikzwammen)

Recept with thai puffball mushroom (buikzwammen)

A lot of new products

Canned mushroom

asian hapjes

Ready to celebrate all kinds of parties

Dimsum, wonton, siuw mai, hakav , Ba pao....

all assortiments of chiness dumplings are available at home oriental.

Menus om uw gasten te verrassen ???

Laap ( frying spicy porc or chicken with lemon, galaga, garlic, red onion and thai herb)

Laap ( gebaken pikante varken of kip met lemoen, galanga, look, challote and thaise kruiden)

Enjoy documentory of cambodia, Land of wonder.

Enjoy documentory of cambodia, land of wonder, and his ancient city, Angkor, Siam Reap.


Pad thai recept and other asian dishes

Enjoy Thai cooking dishes : All ingredien and spices are available at HOME ORIENTAL.



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